Posen Foundation’s Cultural Salon

Posen Foundation’s Cultural Salon

The Posen Foundation sees itself as part of a rich and complex tapestry of groups and organizations operating in the field of pluralistic Judaism. Therefore, the Posen Foundation greatly values the forging of connections, affiliations and networks of cooperation and collaboration between all these fellow organizations, in order to enrich, multiply and enhance educational opportunities in the field.

In its efforts to fulfil this vision, the Posen Foundation initiates and hosts in its offices the “Posen Foundation’s Cultural Salon” gatherings (Posen Ba’Salon), joined by guest lecturers representing diverse fields of knowledge and perspectives, who’s talks provide a basis for broader discussions on Jewish identity. These events are attended by representatives of educational and philanthropic organizations with whom the Posen Foundation works and collaborates, and are an opportunity for group learning, educational discussions and for building and strengthening interorganizational relationships.


Some of the guest lecturers to date:


Adi Nes – The Multifaceted portrait of Adi Nes and his staged photographs

Dr. Rubik Rozental – On the secularization of the Jewish language

Dr. Pini Ifergan – Spinoza and other philosophers

Dr. Yaffa Benaia – Jacqueline Kahanoff, Levantine identity between two worlds

Tamir Zadok – Tamir Zadok presenting his works; deconstruction and reconstruction of identity and history