Posen Society of Fellows

Posen Society of Fellows

In 2013, the Posen Foundation initiated the Posen Society of Fellows, a competitive international fellowship, designed to support emerging scholars of Jewish Studies.

Each year, the Posen Foundation inducted six new fellows, whose research deals with modern Jewish history and culture, with fellows selected from around the world.

Fellows received a two-year grant worth $40,000 towards the completion of their doctoral dissertation and were invited to convene each summer to discuss their research and writing, and learn from an elite group of Jewish Studies scholars.


Since 2021 the program is closed.

Class of 2019-2021

Doctoral Candidates

Amanda Siegel, University of California, Berkeley

Modern Jewish-Argentine Literature: Reconsidering the Canons

Tamar Menashe, Columbia University

Jews in Cross-Confessional Legal Cultures in Germany, 1500-1700

Caroline Kahlenberg, Harvard University

Hawkers and Housekeepers: Gender, Class, and Jewish-Arab Relations on Palestine’s Margins (1887-1948)

Matthew Johnson, University of Chicago

The Weak Joint: German-Yiddish Literature after 1900

Canan Bolel, University of Washington, Seattle

Constructions of Jewish Modernity and Marginality in Izmir, 1856-1914

Itamar Ben-Ami, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

The “Schmittian” Jews: Leo Strauss, Isaac Breuer, and the Foundations of Jewish Theopolitics of the State

Class of 2018-2020

Doctoral Candidates

Rephael Stern, Harvard University

The Making of a Postcolony: Legal and Economic Technocracy in Late British Mandate Palestine and the State of Israel, 1939-1967

Angelina Palmén, Oxford University

Liberating Labour? Jews, Women and Work in Wilhelmine Germany and the First World War.

Catherine Greer, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Singing in the Anteroom to Hell: Memorializing Music in Theresienstadt

Daria Starikashkina, Giessen University

Broken Rings: Leningrad Jews in the Siege

Danny Luzon, University of California, Berkeley

Translational Encounters with Modernism: Jewish-American Multilingual Literature in the Age of Mass Migration

Aviv Derri, New York University

Credit, Debt, and the Politics of Favor: Non-Muslim Merchant-banking Families in Ottoman Damascus and its Hinterland, 1840-1890

Class of 2017-2019

Doctoral Candidates

Yael Segalovitz, University of California, Berkeley

New Criticism Int.: The Close Reader in the U.S., Israel and Brazil

Charles McDonald, New School for Social Research

Return to Sepharad: Jewish Revivalism and the Pragmatics of Inclusion in Spain

Zuzanna Krzemień, University College London

Salomon Dubno (1738-1813) and the Influence of East European Jews on the German Haskalah

Shai Tagner, Ben Gurion and Roma Tre Universities

The Evolution of the Israeli Asylum Regime (1948 – 2017)

Adi Nester, University of Colorado, Boulder

The Exile Bible: Language, Music, and Dispersion in the Works of German-Jewish Émigrés

Mia Laufer, Washington University, St. Louis

Le Goût Sémite: Art Collecting, Identity, and Antisemitism in Early Third Republic Paris, 1870-1914

Amy Kerner, Brown University

Heritage and Loss: The Fate of Yiddish in Buenos Aires, 1929-1961

Class of 2016-2018

Doctoral Candidates

Yuval Tal, Johns Hopkins University

The Ethnic Republic: The European Contours of the French Universal Idea and the Making of French Algeria, 1870-1919

Geraldine Gudefin, Brandeis University

Navigating the Civil and Religious Worlds: Jewish Immigrants & Marital Laws in France and the United States 1881-1939

Anne Perez, University of California, Davis

Attitudes toward conversion to and from Judaism in the Zionist movement and the State of Israel.

Hadas Fischer-Rosenberg. Tel Aviv University

Jewish Life in a Colonial Home Front: The Yishuv and British Rule in Wartime Palestine, 1939- 1945

Chris Silver. University of California, Los Angeles

Of Harmony and Discord: Jews and North African Music in the Twentieth Century

Adrien Smith, Stanford University

Yiddish Russian: A People’s History of Language and Literature in the Soviet Union.

Class of 2015-2017

Doctoral Candidates

Yemima Cohen Aharoni, PhD candidate, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Commemorating the Temple in Heritage Sites around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Noëmie Duhaut, PhD candidate, University College London

The Europeanisation of French Jews: French Jewish perceptions of Jews in Southeast Europe, 1840 to 1900

Marina Zilbergerts, PhD candidate, Stanford University

Rabbinic Textuality and the Rise of Secular Jewish Literatures in Imperial Russia

Noga Bar-Or Bing, PhD candidate, Ben Gurion University

Contemporary Hassidism: From Image to Reality. The Slonim Hassidism-test Case

Michael Casper, PhD candidate, University of California, Los Angeles

The Creation of a National Jewish Culture in Interwar Lithuania

Anna Elena Torres, PhD candidate, University of California, Berkeley

With an Unbuttoned Shirt (“Mit a Tseshpilyet Hemd”): Anarchist Modernism in Yiddish Literature

Class of 2014-2016

Doctoral Candidates

Vanessa Paloma Elbaz, PhD candidate, Paris-Sorbonne University

The Role of Women’s Song in the Transmission of Jewish Identity in Northern Morocco

Sebastian Musch, PhD candidate, Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg

Jewish Responses to the Influx of Eastern wisdom into German Thought during the Wilhelmine Era and the Weimar Republic

Hadar Feldman Samet, PhD candidate, the Hebrew University

The Hymns of the Sabbatean “Ma’aminim” in their Ottoman Context

Alma Heckman, PhD candidate, University of California, Los Angeles

Radical Nationalists: Moroccan Jewish Communists 1945-1975

Alec Burko, PhD candidate, the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York

Saving Yiddish: Yiddish Studies and the Language Sciences in America, 1940-1970

Ofer Dynes, PhD candidate, Harvard University

Jewish Culture and the Logic of the State: 1772-1848

Fiction Writers

Elhanan Nir

Kim Brooks

Class of 2013-2015

Doctoral Candidates

Sunny Yudkoff, PhD candidate, Harvard University

“Let it be Consumption!”: Modern Jewish Writing and the Literary Capital of Tuberculosis

Gil Rubin, PhD candidate, Columbia University

After Europe: The Transformation of Jewish Politics in World War II

Sarah Frances Levin, PhD candidate, University of California, Berkeley

Narrative Encounters of Muslims and Jews in Contemporary Rural Morocco

Tally Gur, PhD candidate, Haifa University

“In-Between” — Jewish Studies in Post WWII Germany 1960–2009

Wojciech Tworek, PhD candidate, University College London

The Experience of Time in the Writings of R. Shneur Zalman of Liady

Fredrik Meiton, PhD candidate, New York University

The Electrification of Palestine, 1917-1948

Elizabeth Imber, PhD candidate, The Johns Hopkins University

Jewish Political Lives at the End of Empire: Zionism, Nationalism, and British Imperialism in India, South Africa, and Palestine,

Rivka Brot, PhD candidate, Tel Aviv University

Law and Community: Trials of Jewish Collaborators at Displaced Camps in Germany and in The State of Israel

Fiction Writers

Lea Klibanoff

Yelena Akhtiorskaya