Yaacov Herzog Center

Yaacov Herzog Center

The Yaacov Herzog Center is one of the only Orthodox organizations in Israel that reach out to a pluralistic and coed audience. The Center was established to be a bridge between different groups in Israeli society.

Over the years the Center has developed expertize in crafting dialogue between people from different backgrounds based on a discourse within Jewish cultural texts. Every week the Center brings together hundreds of men and women; secular and traditional; rural and urban residents to learn together in a tranquil and inclusive atmosphere, which emphasizes the respect for the unique culture and tradition of each participant.

The students are “invited” to meet the Jewish texts and search for personal and communal existential meaning. In this way, they become active participants joining generations of people interpreting Judaism. The Center students are exposed to historic, literary, and Zionist texts, and meet with the best lecturers in these areas. The Center hope is that students and alumni become ambassadors of tradition and Jewish Israeli culture – that is attentive to and encompassing of different viewpoints.

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