Remembering Yitzhak Rabin

Speach given by Yael Nakhon-Harel, director of the Posen Foundation in Israel, at the Ischak Rabin Memorial day service of BINA organization

“A better future for humanity does not depend on this on another social order, but on the

better human…. Evil walks out in the open, while the good is in need of uncovering.

Evil makes itself known, demanding immediate reaction,

While the good is hidden from the eye, not calling for attention.

Exposing the good prevents overpowering of evil”…

(Janusz Korczak)
From year to year, the Ischak Rabin Memorial Day becomes more and more difficult, as the realization sinks- nothing deep and meaningful has changed:
The Israeli society is still split and divided, and a just and brave solution is nowhere to be seen.
We, in the Posen Foundation, believe that finding a common language and narrative to all parts of the Israeli society will allow the creation of a meaningful dialog, and the building of better lives.
We believe that the common narrative exists in the Humane Jewish sources, and they serve as a base for the building of a just society.
Our fertile collaboration with “BINA” allows us to realize that vision- the teaching of Jewish sources, side by side with social activism and giving to the community, the “we declare” project, led by Dove Elbaum, the establishment of the secular “Yeshivas” and the deepening of the relationship with the Jewish communities all around the world- these are just the tip of the iceberg, examples of some “BINA” projects that are encouraging an open dialog between different social groups within the Israeli society.
Hopefully we will go on together, doing this blessed work, increasing the light and exposing the good.

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