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One day seminar for students of jewish philosophy class

About  truth and justice issue.... Read More >

Vertigo workshop for inspectors of Ministry of Education

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“The Place and Identity ” meeting for Raanana and Ofakim students

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Teaching tour for Ostrovsky high school

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Tel Aviv tour for Raanana teachers

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Remembering Yitzhak Rabin

Speach given by Yael Nakhon-Harel, director of the Posen Foundation in Israel, at the Ischak Rabin Memorial day service of BINA organization “A better future for humanity does not depend on this on another social order, but on the better human…. Evil walks out in the open, while the good is in need of uncovering. Evil makes itself known, demanding immediate reaction, While the good is hidden from the eye, not calling for attention. Exposing the good prevents overpowering of evil”… (Janusz Korczak) From year to year, the Ischak Rabin Memorial Day becomes more and more difficult, as the realization sinks- nothing deep and meaningful has changed: The Israeli society is still split and divided, and a just and brave solution is nowhere to be seen. We, in the Posen Foundation, believe that finding a common language and narrative to all parts of the Israeli society will allow the creation of a meaningful dialog, and the building of better lives. We believe that the common... Read More >

The posen Foundation congratulates Yelena Akhtiorskaya for winning the 5 Under 35 award

5 under 35 The Posen Foundation congratulates Yelena Akhtiorskaya for winning the 5 Under 35 award by the National Book Foundation for her book Panic in a Suitcase. The 5 Under 35 program, now in its ninth year, honors five young fiction writers selected by past National Book Award Winners and Finalists. More details about the winners and the program... Read More >

Felix Posen writes about the secular Jew who celebrates the religious holidays

Why do the secular Jews arounds the world celebrate the religious holidays and even attend synagogue/shul? Felix Posen, founder of the Posen Foundation, shares his point of view on the matter in the Jewish Chronicle Online.... Read More >

Alec (Leyzer) Burko, our 2014-2016 Fellow, shares his notes from the Summer Seminar

Alec (Leyzer) Burko, Posen’s 2014-2016 Fellow, shares his experience of the recent Berkeley Summer Seminar in the Yiddish Daily Forward.  ... Read More >

Congratulations to Yelena Akhtiorskaya on her book Panic in a Suitcase

Panic in a Suitcase cover The Posen Foundation congratulates Yelena Akhtiorskaya (Posen Fellow 2013-2015) for the publication of her book Panic in a Suitcase (Riverhead Books). An article about Yelena’s book in the New York Times A review in the New York Times Sunday Book Review An article about Yelena’s book in the Jewish Daily FORWARD                 The Posen Society of Fellows brings together emerging scholars in modern Jewish history and culture with fiction writers on Jewish-related topics, supporting their work with two-year grants. ... Read More >

Ofakim Program evaluation report is now online

Ofakim Final Report 2013... Read More >

Fellowship program winners, class of 2014-2016

The Posen Foundation is happy to congratulate its six new doctoral fellows: Ofer Dynes, Sebastian Musch, Hadar Feldman Samet, Alma Heckman, Vanessa Paloma Elbaz and Alec Burko. The foundation is also pleased to congratulate its two writing fellows: Elhanan Nir and Kim Brooks. This is the second year of the Posen Society of Fellows, an international cohort of emerging scholars and writers whose work deals with Jewish subject matter. The fellowship is awarded by the Posen Foundation, as part of its goal to make the study of Judaism as Culture accessible to as many groups and communities as possible. For more information: Read More >