The Hinam Center

The Hinam Center is “breaking the mold” of existing programs in Israel in which participants take part only with their own peers, and offers an alternative, with participants from diverse identities, meeting and working in each others familiar environment and communities which allows them a meaningful experience and learning process within the myriad sectors of Israeli society. In any other existing framework, national service, school trips, student activities, outings for workers in businesses, none offer any kind of activity with diverse participants. This new initiative of the Hinam Center for a new model of activities involving significant meetings over time with diverse participants, will, we hope, serve as an example for more activities based on this model and that such kinds of activities will in the next few years become more widespread and accepted. The Centers slogans is “Whatever you do – do with others”, and thereby gain, in addition to the activity itself, also a significant familiarity with different facets of Israeli society, and thereby promote a more tolerant society.
The Hinam Centres’ eight projects are spread over a wide range of areas, with the desire to create, a new model for projects which include significant meeting through activities between diverse sectors. ” The first project operated by the Centre as a pilot, “My Israel Brother”, took a heterogeneous group of young men and women in a common quest to learn about their Israeli society, which included Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, veterans and immigrants all living together for four months, each month in a different environment: an ultra orthodox Haredi community in Safed , a Muslim Arab village in the Galilee, a West Bank settlement and an Ethiopian neighbourhood. Coexistence of people of different identities, as well as the intense daily life of the host communities, affected their perception of others and allowed them, as well as the host community, to see the person beyond their “labels” (Orthodox, settlers, Arab, Ethiopian).
The group from the first project recently completed their journey and met with the President, and the second group is already underway.In addition to “Acharai” for graduates of the Israeli army, in September the Centre will launch two new built on the model of significant interactions with diverse members of our society. The first a national service year in cooperation with the Daughter of my People (“Bat Ami”) the first such program in the country that will link national service volunteers, girls who instead of army service volunteer for a year in Israeli society, they will be made up of religious and secular Jews and Arabs, living together and volunteering of in city of Lod, during which time they will learn and volunteer amongst the various communities of the city. The second program is a pre-army program for young Israelis prior to the army, run in cooperation with “Binah” and like our other programs made up of heterogeneous group of young people who will migrate from one community to the other.

Prior to this, the Hinam Centre will start to run, under the auspices of the President, the project “Days of exposure” to companies: a programme where participants spend a number of full days in small working groups each time in a different community, that focus each time they meet on getting to know another sector and another community.

Work will begin later this year on the following four projects:

The Multicultural project of Ono Academic College: a wide scale enterprise, in which 360 students studying Kiryat Ono Academic College will take part in Hinam Centre activities exposing them to the many cultures and people in Israel. Participation in the project will earn the students credits in undergraduate and graduate studies, and will be accompanied by a a team of professors and experts in multiculturalism.

High schools trip: seven-day trips based on the model “My Israeli Brother” for tenth graders, where students will live in two very different communities from the world they come from. Two high schools have already registered for the project (Comprehensive Urban Gilo and Modi’in), and it will be expanded to other high schools during the year.

Activities for families – an extensive project in cooperation with the “Company of the Matnassim”, which will involve 100 young families divided into 5 groups, who throughout the year will meet regularly and learn about other sectors in our society by meeting and living with each in their own home environment.

The Metro West project: A years project for the young representatives of the seven partnerships of the Federation of Metro West in Israel (two representatives from each community) will work together to learn about the different communities in Israel. The culmination of this year will be a shared journey in May 2017 on the My Israeli Brother model, where the group will travel between communities, spending several days in each community.

Programs for participants from abroad: programs of varying lengths for young men and women from abroad who wish to get to know Israeli society in all its variety. This is being developed in cooperation with the “Israel Experience” of the Jewish Agency, MASA.

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