Tarbut.il Website

This website is a live, dynamic website, which wishes to evoke thought and be a central meeting point for all those who pass through it.
You will not find in it any determined, absolute statements or one cultural truth.
This is a cultural arena designed to stimulate discussion.

The essence of this website is common creation of cultural knowledge, of controversy, of the clarification of basic concepts.
This website does not intend to “convey ‘neutral knowledge'”.
Its purpose is both to stir up controversies and settle them, to give and receive, to hear and be heard, and most importantly to be a part of the creative Jewish activity which originates in the most important book in history and its end – unknown.

This website is dedicated to the public and to the teachers and students of Israel’s culture and heritage and the Oral law of Torah.
It was founded by the Posen Foundation which promotes the notion of Jewish culture and by the Avi Chai Foundation and Hartman Institute.
This website is a platform for the everyday work of all of Israel’s teachers in parallel with the curriculum of Israel’s culture and heritage and the Oral law of Torah. It also presents the various textbooks which were published about Israel’s culture and heritage via Kotar – Textbooks.


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