Courses for Superintendents and Principals

Courses for Superintendents and Principals – Collaboration with the Kibbutzim College of Education

This program incorporates the ideas and values of Judaism as Culture to the leadership training offered to school principals and superintendents at the “Mamlachti” schools. This program operates under the assumption that school leaders are the primary and most effective vehicle to enhance the dissemination of these concepts. School leaders have the greatest influence over their schools and school communities, and by educating school leaders, one has the opportunity to increase the influence on the school’s community as a whole.  The program encourages principals and superintendents to enquire into Jewish Identity – in its broad and diverse forms of expression. At the core of the program is a humanitarian approach, obligated to values of equality and honor between fellow human beings, as well as emphasis on social and environmental responsibility, and representing an Israeli-secular inclusive approach, opposed to the ethnocentric, exclusive and hostile approach  of conservative Judaism.  Alongside lectures reviewing academic themes on Jewish identity, methods of implementation at school will be discussed.


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