Municipality Oriented Programs: Kefar Saba – Machshevet Israel

This program emphasizes the richness and diversity of modern Jewish culture, thus strengthening students’ cultural Jewish identity and expanding their worldview as Jews, Israelis, and human beings. The program is unique in its scope as a municipal program, taught in all 8th and 10th grade classes in the cities participating in the program, and it combines both formal classes and informal extra-curricular studies. As a result, the entire system, from policy makers and heads of schools to teachers and pupils and their parents, all share the experience of encountering Judaism as Culture. This year, a leadership group for 9th graders was added to the programs. The program is a result of collaboration between Posen Foundation Israel, the Ministry of Education, and the Kfar Saba Municipal Authorities.

Pupils participating in the program in Kfar Saba, also attend the annual Machshevet Israel Seminar Day, funded by the Posen Foundation.

For more information on the seminar: Machshevet Israel Seminar Day

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