Machon Ha’Chagim activity in the IDF

The target: increasing the knowledge, tools and experience of the soldiers and officers regarding their identity and heritage.
The way: varied educational activities from humanist-pluralist- Zionist, with an emphasis on the perception of Judaism as a culture.
The uniqueness: specializing in Israeli holidays. The perception of the holiday as an educational arena through which one can build and strengthen the society’s main values.
The Kibbutz holidays’ archive is a collection of cultural Zionist-pioneering creations, representing an inspiration to engage in current cultural issues.

Target audience:
We are working with four key communities:
1. Education teams, education officers, at the training process and during the field work. The work is done in coordination of targets with the education corps, when the emphasis, among other things is on the section of “identity and heritage”.
2. IDF commanders (officers and NCO’s), during the process of training and at the role in the field.
3. Deployed soldiers. (All the IDF units).
4. Commanders and soldiers in the reserves. (Ages 25-40. A unique and important target audience.)

The work concept of ‘Macon Ha’Chagim’ Institute regarding the IDF – Educational work in places where there is a “force multiplier.” Training of key figures, so as to produce a change in the long run by the implementation of the tools and language of Judaism as a culture.
Hence the choice to invest the resources in working with the Education Corps headquarters, with an emphasis on the work with the Identity and Heritage department.
Starting point: Change in the army is part of a change in the whole Israeli society.
The educational work takes place in three complementary dimensions:
1. Integration into the training structure of Educational officers and commanders;
“Holidays Model” – a pedagogical work concept in the IDF in the area of Israeli holidays, developed by ‘Macon Ha’Chagim’ Institute and the Education Corps.
Leading of ‘Educational Shabbath’ in the Corp’s officers’ course. A unique work model developed for the training.
2. A solution for the officers and commanders while working in the field;
To be relevant, it is not enough to fit in with the training stucture, we need to reach out to their daily activities of the officers in the field.
‘Holidays Qualification days’ – seminars for education staff, at the national level ahead of the holidays.
‘Harvest’, a funded lecture series ahead of the holidays. (A tool for officers and commanders for integration of premium content as part of cultural holidays activity)
3. Content Writing:
Writing work sets for commanders on the subject of ‘Sabbath’, for units remaining at base on Saturday and who wish to offer content independently.
Holidays sets as part of the “Holidays Model”.

Additional activities:
Educational activities with officers and reservists:
Place of encounter with Israeli society. As of 2015, the reserve combat units are undergoing educational activities, with an emphasis on Saturdays Education sessions as part of the training they undergo yearly.
We run weekends seminars for reserve soldiers, including tours, lectures, workshops and musical Shabbat welcoming celebration.
These activities are taking place throughout the country.

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