Machshevet Israel – High School studies and an Annual Seminar Day

The Posen Foundation has been supporting Machshevet Israel studies in Junior highs and high schools for a number of years.   In addition to the “Ofakim” program at Tel Aviv University, which trains excelling students to become Machshevet Israel teachers, the Foundation also funds an annual seminar day for all high school students who are studying towards the advanced level examination in this subject.  The purpose of this assembly is to bring together students from across the country and from diverse social backgrounds to partake in a day of social and educational experiences arousing an exchange of ideas and emphasizing its relevance to their Jewish-Israeli identity. In these gatherings, students undergo significant experiences both by participating in workshops and through the encounter with peers.  On January 29, 2013, the fifth annual study-day for Machshevet Israel students was held at Efal Seminary. This year’s theme was Leadership – a typology of leaders. Over 500 students from across the country gathered for a full day of lectures and workshops relating to the focal subject declared by the Ministry of Education for this scholar year – Breakingthrough Leadership. Creative works by students from twenty-six schools, portraying different aspects of leaders and leadership, were exhibited in a special hall. The students visited the exhibition and graded the works, and prizes were awarded for the three winning works. The very successful day concluded with the satirical show “Kalabat Shabat”, performed by the Incubator Theatre. This group was founded in 2005 in Jerusalem and aims to bring about a cultural renewal in Jerusalem as a pluralistic and free city.

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