Daroma-Beit Midrash to students attending Ben-Gurion University

Daroma is a Beit Midrash that is open to students attending Ben-Gurion University in the Negev. The purpose of the Beit Midrash is to create an open space for Jewish learning that is pluralistic and existential while also warm and inviting. The Beit Midrash sees itself as part of the Jewish Renewal Movement and is focused on deepening and renewing Jewish discourse in Israel. Daroma is uniquely characterized by the integration of teachers and students; secular, religious, and everything in between; and serious in depth learning of Jewish texts like; Talmud, Bible, and Chasidut. This in combination with the diverse sociological background of the participants, the seriousness of the learning, and the natural curiosity that university students have creates a new and stimulating Jewish discourse. This “new Jewish language” gives hope to our ability to solve the conflicts that are decaying the foundations of the existence of a Jewish Democratic State of Israel.
Specific Goals:

1. Strengthening the Jewish identity of the students
2. Jewish learning that is open and varied; taught at a high level from diverse sources from the entire spectrum of Jewish sources
3. Enhancing the feeling of connectivity of young adults in the Negev (South) to Jewish culture and Torah learning without obligating them to Judaism from an Orthodox perspective


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