Argaman Jewish Israeli Cultural Project (“The Argaman Project”)

The Argaman Project aims to:
1) Expose Russian-speaking Israelis in their 20’s and 30’s to aged 18-35 to high-level Israeli culture and opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

2) To overcome challenges of language, ticket costs, and inadequate familiarity and /or appreciation of the Israeli cultural milieu which often prevent such exposure.

3) To strengthen Jewish Israeli identity via the arts, in an atmosphere of openness and pluralism.

4) To promote the intellectual and social integration of new Russian-speaking immigrants and enhance their capacity for communal leadership and involvement in Israeli society.

5) To promote the concept of “Judaism (also) as Culture”, and Jewish Israeli culture as a powerful means to enhance personal identity and connectedness.
6) To enhance members understanding of trends and ideas that help shape Israeli society

Participants in the Argaman Project are Russian and Hebrew-speaking Israelis aged 18-35. These include young Russian-speaking professionals, students and soldiers, recent and more veteran immigrants (average 4-5 years, based on our experience of the past two years). Many of these young people are graduates of Naaleh and Masa programs who moved to Israel without their parents or supportive family structure.
As in the past, participants must have a demonstrated interest in exposure to Israeli culture and a commitment to participating in the learning process afforded by the Argaman Project

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