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A project of enormous scope and importance, The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization is an anthology of important literary works produced primarily by Jews from the Biblical period through the end of 2005.
Under the guidance of Editor-in-Chief Deborah Dash Moore, 120 internationally recognized scholars are contributing to this project, which will include primary sources, documents, texts, and visual images. Published by Yale University Press, the first volume of The Posen Library (volume 10) has been published on November 20, 2012; additional nine volumes will be published over the next four years.
Volume 10: 1973-2005
by Deborah Dash Moore (Editor), Nurith Gertz (Editor), Posen Foundation
This first published volume in the Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization introduces readers to the diversity of Jewish civilization since 1973. The volume vividly demonstrates the interaction of Jewish ideas and themes across continents and languages, revealing the complex transnational character of Jewish life and cultural production. With hundreds of examples from literature, visual arts, and popular culture, as well as intellectual and spiritual works, the volume adopts a deliberately pluralistic perspective. High and low, elite and popular, folk and mass, famous and obscure—all have a place in this groundbreaking anthology.Readers will quickly come to appreciate the impact on Jewish culture of major social, political, and economic events during the past quarter century—the feminist movement, Israeli politics after the Yom Kippur War, Russian Jewish emigration, the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory, the rise of identity politics in the United States, South American revolutions and dictatorships, and North African emigration to France, among many others. Offering a rich encounter with an array of expressions of Jewish identity, the anthology reflects the exuberance, diversity, and vigor of Jewish culture in the decades since 1973.
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