Professor Deborah Dash Moore Named New Editor-­in-­Chief of Posen Library

Deborah Dash Moore Named New
Editor-­in-­Chief of Posen Library.

Monumental Project Covers Entirety of Jewish History
from Biblical Times to the Present
NEW YORK, NY—The Posen Foundation and Yale University Press are proud to
announce that Deborah Dash Moore will become the new Editor-­in-­Chief of the
Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, a landmark ten-­volume series
that collects 3,000 years of Jewish literature, artwork, and artifacts, presenting
the best of Jewish culture in its historic and global entirety.

“We’re delighted with Deborah’s appointment,” said Daniel Posen, CEO of the
Posen Foundation. “Deborah has an astounding record of challenging, inventive
scholarship. Now she’ll help guide a groundbreaking anthology toward
completion, both in print and online. The project couldn’t be in better hands.”

John Donatich, Director of Yale University Press, noted that “Professor Dash
Moore’s history of innovative scholarship in Jewish history and commitment to
the Posen Library will make her a dynamic Editor-­in-­Chief.”

Professor Dash Moore, who holds the Frederick G. L. Huetwell chair in History
and Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan, is a pioneering scholar of
American Jewish history whose work explores—and often challenges—prevailing
notions of gender, Jewish cultural identity, and the experience of second
generation Jews. She is renowned as a historian with a rare combination of
talents, mixing meticulous scholarship, graceful prose, and vivid storytelling,
while employing a serious theoretical framework.

Among her best-­known works are GI Jews: How World War II Changed a
Generation (Harvard University Press, 2004) and At Home in America: Second
Generation New York Jews (Columbia University Press, 1981), about the sons
and daughters of the immigrant generation. Both City of Promises: A History of
the Jews of New York, a three-­volume work for which she served as general
editor, and her co-­edited two-­volume Jewish Women in America: An Historical
Encyclopedia won National Jewish Book Awards in 2012 and 1997 respectively.

Professor Dash Moore is the co-­editor, with Professor Nurith Gurtz, of Volume 10
of the Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, which covers the period
1973–2005. “Deborah has been with the Posen Library since its conception,
more than a decade ago,” said Joyce Rappaport, Executive Editor of the Posen
Library, “and she has strong relationships with the Posen Foundation, Yale
University Press, and the editorial board. Having worked closely with her on
Volume 10, I value her insights and knowledge about composing anthologies.”

Professor Dash Moore takes over at a critical juncture for the Posen Library. Nine
volumes are currently under production, with an international team of scholars,
advisors, and editors working closely together on each manuscript. “I am thrilled
to be working with such a stellar team,” said Professor Dash Moore. “The more I
learn of each volume’s content, the more excited I get.”

The volumes cover different eras in Jewish history, from the biblical period to contemporary times.
The project is nearing completion and according to current plans, the nine
volumes will be published between 2017 and 2021.

In addition to the print volumes, Professor Dash Moore will oversee the
expansion of the Posen Digital Library (, a free online
database that will include many of the materials in the print volumes.
Both the hardcover volumes and the Posen Digital Library are intended for a
large general audience, not just researchers. “This project is for everyone,
scholars and non-­scholars alike,” said Rachel Weinstein, the Managing Editor of
the Posen Library. “Deborah, to her credit, understands that. With her experience
in digital platforms as well as published works, she’ll help give this rich
compilation of Jewish culture the audience it deserves.”

The Posen Library was conceived in the late 1990s by Felix Posen, and grew out
of his personal quest for Jewish knowledge and his foundation’s commitment to
education. Mr. Posen sought to create an anthology that would include important
Jewish texts, artifacts, and works of art. “Many Jews believe that apart from
religious texts and observance, Judaism has little to offer,” Mr. Posen has said.
“Yet nothing could be further from the truth.”

Now that project—which also includes a provocative and engaging “spinoff” title,
Jews and Words, by Amos Oz and Fania Oz-­Salzberger—is edging closer to
completion with help from one of the country’s most esteemed historians. The
selection process was neither lengthy nor difficult, said Weinstein: “When the
position opened up, we asked several respected scholars for recommendations.
Deborah’s name was mentioned time and again. She was clearly a top choice
from the start.”

Professor Dash Moore succeeds Professor James E. Young, who will retain his
association with the project as Founding Editor.

From Biblical Times to the Present
Volume 1: The Second Millennium B.C.E.–333 B.C.E., edited by Jeffrey H. Tigay
and Adele Berlin
Volume 2: 333 B.C.E.–800 C.E., edited by Carol Bakhos
Volume 3: 800–1096, edited by Menahem Ben-­Sasson
Volume 4: 1096–1500, edited by Ora Limor and Israel Yuval
Volume 5: 1500–1750, edited by Yosef Kaplan
Volume 6: 1750–1880, edited by Elisheva Carlebach
Volume 7: 1880–1918, edited by Israel Bartal and Kenneth Moss
Volume 8: 1918–1939, edited by Todd M. Endelman and Zvi Gitelman
Volume 9: 1939–1973, edited by Samuel D. Kassow and David G. Roskies
Volume 10: 1973–2005, edited by Deborah Dash Moore and Nurith Gertz

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