About us

The Posen foundation labors towards one major goal: making Jewish education easily accessible to any eager and curious mind. Education is the key to it all.  A well-informed society is a more just, a better society.

Felix Posen, founded the Posen Foundation to reduce Jewish ignorance.  One of the most fruitful paths to this vision has been through student and teacher training. Throughout the years we founded and supported many programs to train students and current and future educators.

It is clear to us that a good teacher is one who never stops being a student. One who continually learns who finds ways to be further educated.  That is the reason we have created the Posen foundation.

The theme of our activity in Israel is educating educators and would-be educators. Regrettably it’s not a very popular area of philanthropy; however we are convinced that investing in teachers is the only way to foster the intellectual and social skills of students.

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