The people behind the Foundation

Team members
  • Felix Posen
    Founder and President

    Felix Posen is the founder and president of the Posen Foundation.

  • Daniel Posen

    Daniel Posen is the executive director of the Posen Foundation.

  • Yael Nakhon Harel
    Director, Posen Foundation - Israel

    Yael Nakhon-Harel has been the Posen Foundation’s Israeli branch director since 2013. Yael joined the Posen Foundation in 2009; before that, she worked in the Bina organization’s education and IDF departments, and as Batei Midrash Israel Network’s coordinator. Yael has a B.Ed in special education from Kibutzim Seminar and an M.A. in Jewish Philosophy from Bar-Ilan University. Yael is married to Ohad, and is the mother of Danya and Alma.

  • Tal Zehavi
    Education Programs Organizer

    Tal Zehavi is a mother of three, lives in Maccabim, and has many years’ experience in education. She has taught Bible and literature to high school students and run a school for adults. For the past fifteen years, she has worked with organizations and programs involved with Judaism as Culture. She has also studied children’s autism at Bar-Ilan University, and treats autistic infants and children. Tal runs the Posen Foundation’s Municipality-oriented programs, serving as a link between the municipality, the Ministry of Education, and different organizations involved with Judaism as Culture; strengthening each partnership; and ensuring that each program is tailored to each municipality and school.

  • Carine Bar Or
    Operations Coordinator

    Carine Bar Or is the Posen Foundation’s project coordinator. Carine has a B.A. in Media Studies from the Natanya Academic College and is studying for her M.A. at Tel Aviv University. Carine is married to Eyal, and is the mother of Matan, Talya and Idan.

Members of the Academic Committee
  • Prof. Yehuda Bauer

    Yehuda Bauer is Prof. Emeritus at the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specialising in  Holocaust Studies, recipient of the Israel Prize in 1998, recipient of the Yakir Yerushalayim award from the city of Jerusalem in 2008 and a member of the Israel Academy of Science and Humanities.

  • Prof. Menachem Brinker R.I.P.

    Prof. Menachem Brinker is Prof. Emeritus of Philosophy and Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Prof. Emeritus of Modern Hebrew Studies at the University of Chicago, receiver of the Israel Prize for Hebrew and General Literary Research and a member of The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities since 2008.

  • Prof. Robert Wistrich R.I.P.

    Robert Wistrich is the Neuburger Professor of European and Jewish history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the head of the University’s Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, and edits its journal, Antisemitism International.

  • Dr. Ela Bauer

    Ella Bauer is the Academic coordinator at the Posen Research Forum for Jewish European and Israeli Political Thought at the Faculty of Law at Haifa University.

  • Prof. Israel Bartal

    Israel Bartal is a Professor of Jewish History, and the former Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Hebrew University (2006–2010). Since 2006 he is the chair of the Historical Society of Israel .He served as director of the Center for Research on the History and Culture of Polish Jewry, and the academic chairman of the Project of Jewish Studies in Russian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Professor Bartal was the co-director of the Center for Jewish Studies and Civilization at Moscow State University.

  • Prof. Daniel Gutwein

    Daniel Gutwein holds a Ph.D. in Jewish History from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of History of the Jewish People at the University of Haifa.

  • Prof. Ron Margolin

    Ron Margolin is Head of the Ofakim program. Completed his PhD at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Senior Lecturer in the Department of Hebrew Culture Studies and Head of MA Program for Religious Studies at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Margolin specializes in the study of Hasidism, Modern Jewish Thought and the study of secularization. His book The Temple of Man: religious internalization and design inner religious life in early Hasidism, was published in 2005 by Magnes Press. His new book on religion and reflection on internal Jewish sources was published in 2011 and cultural commentary series published by Bar – Ilan University.