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The Posen Society of Fellows
The Posen Society of Fellows is a unique international fellowship for junior scholars. Each member of the Posen Society of Fellows receives a $40,000 award over two years.
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Judaism as a Culture
The Jerusalem Post supplemet Inspired by our past- Ensuring our future June 2016
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Ofakim Program
The Ofakim Program is a unique undergraduate program offered by the Tel Aviv University and Posen foundation to qualifying students demonstrating academic excellence. Graduates of the program are granted a B.A. as well as a Teacher’s Certification in Jewish Philosophy. To the program’s
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The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization
More than ten years in the making, The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization is a landmark ten–volume series that collects 3,000 years of Jewish literature, artwork, and artifacts, presenting the best of Jewish culture in its historic and global entirety.
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Welcome to the Posen Foundation

Guided by the firm belief that education can facilitate and inspire meaningful change in Jewish life and a deeper understanding of Jewish identity, Posen Foundation funds a variety of educational activities akin to Posen Foundation’s educational vision. The foundation aims to make the study of Judaism as Culture accessible to as many groups and communities in Israeli society as possible.


Posen Foundation funds and is involved in developing many formal educational programs for pupils, students, teachers and principals, collaborating with the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Education Corps of Israel’s Military, educational departments in various municipalities and the majority of Israeli universities and colleges. Posen Foundation also uses its funding schemes to support organizations that provide informal educational outlets for Cultural Judaism and non-religious Jewish services for the general Israeli public. Posen Foundation also supports the publication of reference works, scholarly books and articles, and demographic studies related to modern Jewish history and contemporary Jewish life and identity.

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Professor Deborah Dash Moore Named New Editor-­in-­Chief...
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One day seminar for students of jewish...
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10th Anniversary Celebration of The Ofakim Program
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Celebrating 10 Years of the Posen Forum for Political Thought
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